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"Seeing you in action, Elicia, gave me so much confidence [...] this year, in the middle of remote learning and a pandemic, every single senior I teach says Spanish is their favorite class. I truly have you two and the whole Comprehensible classroom family to thank for that."

Ivette Dobarganes

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Acquisition Boot Camp (ABC) is a month-long self-directed intensive intended to introduce you to the basics of acquisition based teaching. In this course, we cover the theory of language acquisition, necessary skills for acquisition driven classrooms, techniques for using those skills with students, and an introduction to assessment for proficiency.

Individual Trainings

We know that many teachers do not want to wait around for their districts to organize the trainings that they need. For this reason, we offer a range of individual training opportunities every month. These include free Live trainings on Facebook and paid cohort-style training opportunities in our C2 Teacher Labs, and most recently, our Acquisition Boot Camp. Depending on the training, we are often able to offer Certificates of Completion and possibly the opportunity to earn Graduate Level credits.

Self-Paced Professional Development

If you are planning to use elements from the Somos/Nous sommes/Sumus Curriculum, then this challenge is for you. We want to make sure that you have the support that you need to approach this school year with confidence!

Because we know that this professional learning is valuable, we have made it possible for you to earn Professional Development hours and even 1 Graduate-Level Continuing Education credit for this investment of your time. 

Want to know more? Read our blog post to find out everything you need to know to get started with the challenge. 

Get started today!

Attend LIVE trainings free in our Facebook group and browse archived trainings at your leisure.

Looking for something different?

Fill out our form below to contact us directly. You can also browse past training topics below and send us a request to host a particular session again.

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Past Teacher Lab Sessions

Each Teacher Lab focuses on a specific aspect of teaching for acquisition. Browse our past offeries, and join our mailing list to find out when they will be offered again!

Assessment for Acquisition

Presenter: Elicia Cárdenas (Last offered: February 2021)

3 Sessions

90 Minutes each

Changes in instruction require changes in assessment. Teaching for communicative proficiency necessitates that we grade for communicative proficiency. Grades should communicate what students CAN DO in the target language, within the classroom context. They should be proficiency-based Performance Grades. And they should not be another source of stress for teachers.

Teacher Labs Series 4: Learning to Love Assessment is a series of classes focused on assessment and grading in a comprehension based class. You can expect to dive deep into standards based grading, research pertaining to Ordered Development for language acquisition, the realities of assessment vs. ideals, grading practices that can reduce bias and promote equity, practical solutions, and even participate in collaborative and competitive activities. Each lab will consist of three ninety minute sessions.

Teacher Labs are cohort-style professional learning experiences. Small groups meet with Elicia for focused instruction on specific topics related to Assessment for Acquisition:

  • Session 1: The Theory of Ordered Development

  • Session 2: Standards Based Grading and How Do We assess for Acquisition?

  • Session 3: The Practical Stuff: What do Assessments Look Like and How do I Grade Them?

Introduction to Teaching for Acquisition

Presenter: Elicia Cárdenas (Last presented: January 2021)

90 minutes

  • Introduction to language acquisition theory and how it relates to comprehension based instruction.

  • Demonstrations of input focused strategies at a variety of language levels, experienced as a student.

  • Debriefing to unpack what teacher skills are necessary for a comprehension based class.

Participants leave with a solid understanding of how to approach comprehension based teaching in virtual, asynchronous, and face to face formats. This workshop also includes a *brief* examination of best practices for assessments, but that is not the focus.

Teaching Languages Online: Comprehension Focused

Presenter: Elicia Cárdenas (Last presented: October 2020)

3 sessions

90 minutes each

​Through your experience in the Teaching Languages Online Teacher Labs, participants gain the skills needed to confidently implement a plan for instruction that you create through collaboration with cohort members and the mentorship of the Lab Facilitator.

  • Session 1: Online Environments

  • Session 2: Building Community

  • Session 3: Teaching for Acquisition

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