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Become a more confident language teacher.

Customized training to meet your individual and district needs.

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Acquisition Boot Camp (ABC) is a month-long self-directed intensive intended to introduce you to the basics of acquisition based teaching. In this course, we cover the theory of language acquisition, necessary skills for acquisition driven classrooms, techniques for using those skills with students, and an introduction to assessment for proficiency.

I am an Individual

I am a teacher looking to explore Comprehension-based strategies for teaching language on my own.

I represent a district

My district or organization would like to plan a training for a group of teachers.

I am a conference planner

Our conference planning committee is interested in bringing a team member to a future conference.

About The Comprehensible Classroom

Founded in 2010, the Comprehensible Classroom is a recognized leader in the field of World Language Teaching. Through customized teacher training and unparalleled resources, our team supports teachers in the transition to a Proficiency-oriented, Comprehension-based, and Acquisition-driven approach to teaching language.


meet the team


Elicia Cárdenas

Director of Training Elicia Cárdenas is the primary trainer for our organization. 

Martina Bex

Founder Martina Bex is the primary author of our instructional resources.


"Elicia does a fabulous job of modeling mutual respect and positivity! She told us on the front end what she would present, asked us to prioritize our learning interests, and then geared her presentation accordingly. Her passion inspires others!"

Teacher labs attendee

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